Upgrade Your Space with Commercial Electrical Installation Services 

Are the current electrical capabilities of your commercial space insufficient for your needs? Whether it’s finally time to upgrade your electric panel, swap out another component of your electrical system, or install an entirely new system from scratch, P&L Electric is the top place to turn due to our impressive craftsmanship and long track record of success. Our highly experienced electrical contractors at P&L Electric can handle your entire commercial electrical installation in Colorado and across the entire U.S., no matter how complex it may be. 

For us, the sky is the limit when it comes to commercial lighting and equipment installations or upgrades. Our team of electricians and electrical engineers can think outside the box during any commercial electrical project and develop custom solutions for each one. This allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck when changing out machines, electric panels, or other components of your building’s electrical system. 

We take great pride in our custom electrical services and our team aims to deliver unmatched workmanship on every project. From ideation and design to installation and ongoing maintenance, P&L Electric will provide the most reliable and trustworthy service for all your electrical needs. 

Types of Commercial Electrical Installations and Upgrades We Can Provide 

No matter your business or property type, P&L Electric has the skills, expertise, and resources to install a suitable, powerful, and safe commercial lighting installation for you. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Service Upgrades. If your business operates in an older building or you have outgrown your current capacity, you may need a complete replacement of the electrical service to your property. This includes upgrading the grounding and bonding system, service and feeder conductors the weather head, the meter base, and many other components. 
  • Machine Replacements. Our staff has extensive expertise working on and around high-precision equipment and specialized machines across multiple industries. From bottling lines and milling machines to drill presses, compressors, and more, P&L can ensure the smooth replacement and electrical integration of your machinery. 
  • Changes to Existing Installations. For instance, when your business starts using more electricity than previously needed, you’ll likely need to upgrade or expand your commercial electric panel to a more robust system. We can implement those types of changes to improve your daily operations. 
  • Custom Electrical Add-Ons. Are you interested in installing an electric vehicle charging station in your parking lot? Or are you planning to add new large kitchen appliances to multiple spaces? Our team is capable of handling the custom upgrades to your commercial property. 
  • Wiring/Cabling Changes. If you’ve moved into a new space or its purpose has changed, you may need to restructure the electrical wiring of the space to support your team’s productivity and prioritize their safety. 

Custom Commercial Lighting Installations in Colorado & Beyond 

When we say “custom,” we mean it. Our team of skilled electricians at P&L Electric will go the extra mile to customize every piece of your electrical project to ensure that the finished installation meets all your electrical needs. Our contractors can handle just about any type of commercial electrical installation in Colorado and beyond, and we will follow a handful of detailed steps to ensure your upgrades address gaps in your current service. These include: 

  • Consultation and Initial Design – Our electricians will meet with you at your facility to gather information, listen to your wants, needs, and concerns, and start building a positive business relationship. From there, we will leverage our experience to design a new electrical installation from scratch that is specific to your facility. 
  • Finalize Project Scope – Once we’ve refined the design plans through collaborative meetings with you, we’ll finalize the project timeline for every piece. If needed, we will coordinate with our network of vetted subcontractors to ensure the work does not fall behind schedule. 
  • Install New Equipment and Upgrades – P&L Electric will work diligently to replace your commercial electric panel, make changes to your existing installations, handle your service upgrades, and more. 

If you have a specific vision for the future use of your building, our team at P&L Electric can bring that vision to life. For over two decades, we have delivered innovative and complicated commercial electrical installations in Colorado and across the country in every industry. Whether you work in retail, industrial, or corporate sectors, P&L Electric can meet your electrical installation and upgrade needs. 

Contact us today to get an accurate estimate for your custom commercial lighting installation today.