Create a Plan for Preventative Electrical Maintenance in Colorado with P&L 

Across virtually every kind of business, electrical power reliability is vital for daily operations. However, many businesses do not have a proper preventative electrical maintenance plan in place for tough situations. Issues can pop up suddenly and take down your electrical distribution systems without notice. And when that happens, your daily operations will come to a standstill. At P&L Electric, we can help you and your team avoid this problem by providing a reliable program for your commercial electrical maintenance in Colorado. 

We’ll work collaboratively with your facility managers and maintenance personnel to establish a regularly scheduled plan to implement preventative electrical maintenance in Colorado. Whether you operate an industrial facility or a retail complex, we’ll provide the quality workmanship and trustworthy electrical services that you need for your property’s continued success. 

Why is Preventative Electrical Maintenance Important? 

Simply put, electrical distribution systems are complex and when one part of that system falters, it can set off a chain reaction of negative consequences. Here are just a few reasons why you need a robust preventative plan in place for your commercial electrical maintenance. 

  • Increase Safety for Staff and Equipment. Between the circuit breakers, starters, and fuses, there are plenty of safety hazards and risks associated with your electrical systems. Equipment failures can cause significant property damage and loss of electrical equipment, and those failures may even harm your employees’ well-being. Preventative maintenance helps mitigate those safety risks. 
  • Reduce Future Repair Costs. When your electrical equipment is regularly maintained and inspected, you’ll catch potential problems early before you are forced to unexpectedly replace those pieces of equipment. An unplanned outage can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenues and insurance liabilities, so it’s better to avoid those costly interruptions by being proactive about your commercial electrical maintenance. 
  • Ensure Optimal Electrical Efficiency. General wear and tear will inevitably degrade the reliability and performance of the many components in your electrical systems. But with a preventative electrical maintenance plan in place, you’ll gain the expertise of a skilled commercial electrician and they’ll be able to maintain the peak performance of your equipment through iterative inspections. 

While the frequency of testing and maintenance is different for many electrical systems, it’s a good idea to schedule inspections and electrical checks every 6-12 months with our commercial electricians at P&L Electric. 

Trust P&L for Your Commercial Electrical Maintenance in Colorado 

For over a decade, P&L Electric has provided a swath of commercial electrical services across the entire Colorado region and the rest of the U.S. Our highly experienced electricians and technicians have extensively trained with NFPA 70E and NFPA 70B codes and standards to ensure optimal performance and safety. 

We can service any type of electrical system and will develop a custom preventative maintenance plan for your unique needs. We can provide: 

  • Repairs During Your Electrical Inspection. Some companies only perform inspections and then refer the actual work to a qualified electrician. At P&L Electric, we can perform all essential electrical services in-house, even during the same initial visit to your facility. 
  • Comprehensive Electrical Studies. From load studies to assessing electrical panels to arc flash studies for potential hazards and coordination studies on equipment failure effects, we can conduct all kinds of system assessments for your organization. 
  • Advanced Power Quality Metering and Thermal Imaging. These innovative tools and resources allow our team to quickly and accurately identify issues with your power quality and energy efficiency, thus expediting the repair process. 
  • General Preventative Maintenance. Whether your system's components need some cleaning, tightening, or close inspections, P&L Electric can meet all your needs for preventative electrical maintenance in Colorado. 

Our team has the technical knowledge to guide and support your business through all kinds of electrical issues, problems, and outages. With our team of skilled electricians at your back, you can rest easy knowing that you have a reliable plan to keep your electrical systems up and running for many years to come. 

Contact P&L Electric today to schedule your electrical inspection with our efficient electricians and learn more about the preventative maintenance plan that we can create for you.