Improve Your Property with Reliable Commercial Tenant Finishes & Additions

Whether you’ve just bought a new location for your business or you’re signing a lease at a new facility, it’s important to have a commercial space that reflects your operational needs. Commercial tenant finishes and additions allow you to reshape and remodel a commercial space to fit your organizational needs and develop a productive environment for your team. At P&L Electric, we’ll blend industry expertise and top-rated professionalism at every step of your project for commercial finishes and additions in Colorado.

Our experienced electricians have performed custom tenant finishes of all sizes across many types of commercial spaces that range from large, shared office areas to full buildings and more. Here are just a few examples of the tenant finishes that our contractors can provide:

  • Replacing interior and exterior lighting
  • Rewiring equipment for any unique electrical needs
  • Installing new electrical panels
  • Installing surge protectors

Even if you know that your space needs a commercial addition or finishes, but you’re unsure what those look like, we can provide guidance and recommendations on what to change. Whether you need a commercial electrical contractor on a design-build project or an efficient team for a handful of small commercial tenant finishes, P&L Electric can provide the expert services that you need.

Commercial Tenant Finish Capabilities & Process

For our team at P&L Electric, there are no commercial finishes or additions that are too big or too small. We can provide assistance with the electrical designs of smaller projects and can handle all the electrical needs for larger tenant finish projects in all types of occupancies.

Whether you’re planning an office remodeling project or need to retrofit the lighting systems of your commercial space, we will follow a detailed process to deliver the high-caliber workmanship that you deserve.

  1. Finish/Addition Consultation – We want to ensure that your commercial addition or finish properly addresses your electrical concerns and meets your needs. During your consultation, we’ll develop a good understanding of what needs to change in your environment and how we can best approach those finishes.
  2. Preconstruction Planning and Design – Our commercial electrician will then meet with you, your building manager, your engineer, your architect, and/or any other necessary parties to fully plan out the custom electrical upgrades and changes for your space. We’ll make sure the changes fit seamlessly into your existing space and align our construction schedule with other construction professionals as needed.
  3. Tenant Finish Construction – Once the designs are finalized, we will begin the work to complete the commercial addition or finish on schedule and within your budget.

Make the Most of Your Commercial Tenant Finishes in Colorado

No matter how minor your tenant improvements may be, those changes can generate long-term benefits and strategic differentiators for your business. Here are just a few examples of what you stand to gain from our custom modifications:

  • Improve Workplace Productivity and Efficiency – Are your employees impeded by a poorly designed workspace? You can streamline your operations with well-placed commercial additions or tenant finishes by optimizing the flow and design of your workspace.
  • Retain Quality Employees – If your business is within a competitive field, you know how important it is to keep your workplace well-staffed. Maintaining a state-of-the-art facility with up-to-date equipment and electrical features will show that you listen to your employees’ needs and they’ll find value in that commitment.
  • Enhance Your Business Image – New custom improvements and tenant finishes will work wonders for the front-facing end of your company! Whether you upgrade your commercial space with new lighting finishes or innovative electrical displays, your clients will feel more confident in your brand and your abilities.

If you’re considering any kind of commercial tenant finishes or additions in Colorado, P&L Electric is the ideal place to call. We’d be thrilled at the opportunity to enhance your business and provide recommendations on the most optimal electrical improvements to make at your location. Our electrical experts have extensive experience in both designing and installing custom electrical improvements in all kinds of commercial properties, so you can feel confident your property is in good hands.

Contact P&L Electric today to get started on your commercial tenant finishes and additions in Colorado today.