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Commercial Electrical Services for Offices & Medical Facilities 

In any office or medical setting, efficiency and safety are top concerns. You want your employees and visitors to feel comfortable and supported while simultaneously maximizing productivity, and your electrical systems have a great deal of influence in those areas. At P&L Electric, we offer multiple nationwide commercial electrical services to help you and your team get the most out of your office space, health clinic, or any other commercial facility. 

Over 20 years ago, our company began providing commercial electrical services to Colorado-based businesses and thanks to our quality workmanship, we have expanded our operations across the nation. Through our established nationwide network of commercial electrical contractors, we can provide high-quality custom support and electrical solutions for organizations of any size or in any industry. And every member of our team and network has received extensive safety training with NFPA 70E requirements to ensure optimal safety precautions and reduce exposure to electrical hazards. 

How We Support Your Operations with Corporate Electrical Services 

Our master electricians have vast experience and have worked on projects across corporate and commercial properties in all industries. As such, we are familiar with the common challenges that offices and healthcare facilities face. Whether we are working with multiple power distribution systems or outdated electrical equipment, we will use our creative problem-solving abilities and decades of experience to develop a cost-effective solution for you. 

We strive to be a one-stop shop for corporate electrical services. P&L Electric can provide the technical support and expertise that you need for projects like: 

  • LED Retrofits 
  • Tenant Finishes and Additions 
  • Equipment Upgrades and Replacements (outlets, receptacles, lighting, circuits, etc.) 
  • Additional Power Installations 
  • System Repairs 
  • Preventative Maintenance 

Your Needs Come First at P&L Electric 

With our electricians, you won’t find cookie-cutter designs or run-of-the-mill electrical services. At P&L Electric, we customize each electrical project to the client’s wants, needs, and unique facilities. We want to make sure that your new electrical solution fits perfectly into your existing processes and addresses all your needs. From dentistry and physician offices to multi-floor corporate settings, our electricians can leverage our experience in each sector to maximize the value of your installation. 

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. To ensure we achieve that result, we will provide: 

  • Custom Designs and Personalized Recommendations. Our electricians will take the time to walk through the facility with you and listen to all your concerns and needs. This will allow our electrical experts to identify opportunities for improvement, develop appropriate recommendations, and leverage our creativity for a custom solution. 
  • 24/7 Customer Service Response. At P&L Electric, you won’t find any 1-800 numbers or automated menu options when you contact our team. At any time of the day, you can speak directly with a member of our team, and we’ll provide a quick response to address your concerns and minimize downtime.  
  • Honest, Trustworthy, and Reliable Service. Our philosophy is to always do what’s best for the client, not for us. We promise not to sell you something that your facility doesn’t need. We care deeply about the quality of work that we deliver, and our team is guided by a high standard of workmanship, integrity, and actual morals. 

Is your clinic or hospital in need of electrical services? Or could your corporate environment benefit from new electrical solutions? If so, P&L Electric can provide the high-quality commercial electrical services that your organization needs to maintain optimal efficiency and safety standards. 

Contact P&L Electric today to learn more about our custom corporate electrical services and how our electricians can support your bottom line.