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Boost Operations with a Reliable Machine Shop Electrician in Colorado 

Consistent electrical power is an essential part of most businesses, but especially for machine shops. No matter what type of products you create, the equipment within your workshop is entirely dependent on your electrical system. Those pieces of equipment are likely to have different electrical needs due to their specialized purposes, which can add more complexity to your electrical system. If your machine shop’s electrical system needs to change and you’re looking for a full-service electrician with the skills and experience needed for workshops, our Colorado business will rise to the challenge for your organization. 

At P&L Electric, we’ll provide comprehensive electrical services to optimize the efficiencies of your machine shop, improve workplace safety, and minimize your overhead costs. We also customize our services to the unique needs of each facility and organization, and we will create an ongoing preventative maintenance plan for you to keep things running smoothly all year round. 

A Trusted Electrician for Workshops Across the U.S. 

The modern machine shop is not packed with tons of workers laboring over every task. Instead, many of the processes are automated and controlled by computers. At P&L Electric, we can help you identify opportunities for automation and process improvement. We’ll take full advantage of those opportunities to increase efficiency and safety and to save your team valuable time because your complete satisfaction is our priority. 

Take a look at our qualifications to see why we’re one of the most trusted electricians for workshops in Colorado and across the country: 

  • Significant Experience Working with Machine Shops. From small community-focused machine shops to larger manufacturing operations, our electricians have worked on tons of unique electrical projects in machine shops. We are incredibly familiar with all types of specialty equipment including milling machines, drill presses, welding equipment, and more. And we are well-versed in machines produced outside of the U.S. too. 
  • Strong Relationships with Multiple Manufacturers. We’ll leverage these relationships to secure discounted products and parts for your facility’s equipment, helping you save money on your commercial investment. 
  • Custom Design-Build and Analysis for New Facilities. Have you acquired a new facility for your organization? Or are you moving into a new building? We’ll help you maximize the value of your new location by generating an in-depth design-build analysis of your project to evaluate all electrical concerns and capabilities. We’ll then develop a completely custom design for your electrical system that addresses all of your needs and concerns. 
  • Prompt and Reliable Service. There are no 1-800 numbers or automated voice menus at P&L Electric. When you contact our team, you’ll speak directly with an actual live operator, no matter the time of day. We will provide a timely response to your inquiry or issue and deliver the quality service that you need. 
  • Coast to Coast Capabilities. While P&L Electric is based in Colorado, we can provide our custom electrical services anywhere in the country. Whether you operate in a small town or a big city, our full-service electrical contractor will meet all of your electrical needs. 

Achieve Great Things with Our Full-Service Machine Shop Electrician 

P&L Electric has worked with machine shops and workshops of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. That means we know how to handle all kinds of machining equipment pieces, from grinding and multitasking machines to metal lathe machines and more. This insider technical knowledge of those products allows us to completely transform machine shop processes with innovative and efficient electrical systems and solutions. 

Since we’re a full-service electrical contractor, we can not only design and install custom solutions, but we can properly maintain them too with ongoing preventative maintenance plans. Our electrician for your workshop will take the time to develop the appropriate maintenance strategy for your system, establish a schedule for inspection and repairs, and provide tips and advice to keep your equipment in great shape all year round. 

If you’re moving your machine shop to a new location or you’ve outgrown your current operational capabilities, P&L Electric can help you out. Contact us today to learn more about the approach we take as an electrician for workshops in Colorado and across the U.S.